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Remote Start & Security Systems


No matter the season, a quality remote start system is a value-adding accessory for most any vehicle!  Warm up your vehicle in the winter and cool it down during those hot summer days.  Our systems are the best on the market and are Tailor-Made for todays new complex vehicles.  



Factory-Style Remote Start


Our "Factory-Style" remote start systems utilize your existing key or key fob to activate the starter.  Pressing "Lock" 3 times will activate the starter without adding another remote to your keychain!


These systems are available for most 2005-Current vehicles and can be professionally installed starting as low as $199.95!

Long Range Remote Start


If you need more range than your factory remote can provide, our Long Range systems can provide up to a 3000' range!


These systems can be professionally installed starting as low as $299!

Custom Fit Accessories


There are many custom fit accessories available for the systems we carry such as a custom fit wiring harness.


These allow the installation of one of our systems into most newer vehicles without compromising the integrity of your vehicles wiring.  The harness plugs into necessary connectors without any cutting or stripping of your wiring.  


These kits also make it possible to easliy remove the system from a vehicle and then be re-installed into another saving a lot of time and money!

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